The Market


The Opioid Analgesic Market is Over $10 Billion in the US

  • Hydrocodone is the most prescribed opioid analgesic, as well as the most prescribed drug in the US - peaking at 137 million prescriptions in 2013
  • Immediate release products for acute pain indications account for 90%  of opioid prescriptions written, while extended release products for chronic pain account for the remaining 10%
  • Quivive's first product (QEV-817) is an immediate release combination of Hydrocodone and Doxapram for acute pain indications
  • FDA may withdraw all prescription opioids that do not feature abuse deterrence - opening the market for new and safer alternatives

The Competition

An Unmatched Combination of Improved Safety and Abuse Deterrence

  • New analgesics have unknown side effect profiles and are not therapeutically equivalent to existing products - leading to slow uptake by physicians
  • Abuse-deterrent reformulations of existing opioids do NOT limit oral over-consumption – the most common form of abuse of Rx opioids
  • Quivive's product (QEV-817) will offer a unique safety benefit by limiting respiratory depression in case of accidental or intentional overdose
  • QEV-817 will be therapeutically equivalent to existing hydrocodone products - supporting Tier 1 formulary status and rapid uptake by physicians


The Intellectual Property


Quivive's Strong IP Position will Support a Platform of Future Products

  • Quivive has broad US-PTO and WO-PCT applications  covering the combination of any opioid with any respiratory stimulant
  • Our first patent (US-PTO No. 10,004,479) was granted in 2018 for the oral combination of Hydrocodone and Doxapram
  • Future patents will cover a broad range of combinations, supporting a future pipeline of safer and abuse deterrent opioid analgesic products

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