The Opioid Crisis


Why are Opioids so Dangerous?

  • All opioids (narcotic drugs like morphine or hydrocodone) induce respiratory depression, which is invariably the cause of death in cases of overdose
  • In 2017, 135 people died each day in the US from an opioid overdose - more than the number from automobile accidents or gun violence
  • The US economic burden of this crisis is estimated to be greater than $78 billion annually


The Challenge of Abuse Deterrence

  • Many opioids with abuse-deterrent formulations have been approved by FDA in recent years 
  • However, these products offer no safety benefit (still cause lethal respiratory depression in overdose)
  • Furthermore, while these products may limit intravenous or nasal abuse, they do not deter oral over-consumption - the most common form of abuse of prescription opioids

The Quivive Solution


Functional Antagonism

  • All opioids cause respiratory depression, which is mediated by the same receptor target responsible for analgesia (can't have one without the other)
  • This is why opioid antagonists like Narcan also eliminate the analgesic effects of opioids
  • A functional antagonist reduces undesired side-effects without impacting opioid analgesia
  • Doxapram is FDA-approved for opioid-induced respiratory depression w/out impacting analgesia


Fewer Opioid Side Effects

  • Laxatives are routinely prescribed for opioid-induced constipation, but the most dangerous side effect was left untreated  – until Now
  • In addition to preventing deadly respiratory depression, Doxapram may counteract other undesirable opioid side effects


Patented Abuse Deterrence Technology

  • Psychiatrists use Doxapram to safely induce anxiety attacks, but high doses are needed for these effects
  • Hydrocodone is the most widely abused prescription opioid  - especially among school age children
  • More than 90% of addicts started by abusing prescription opioids like hydrocodone
  • Closes the primary gateway to later opioid addiction

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